St. Thomas Aquinas lived in Naples for many years and if you make an appointment, you can find one of his handwritten works in the Manuscript Department of the National Library.

Author of Summa Theologica, St. Thomas Aquinas remains the foremost philosopher and theologian of the Catholic Church. A Dominican priest, he studied for a time in Naples and it was here that he read Aristotle’s works. After taking up residence in many cities, including Rome, Monte Cassino, Orvieto, and Paris, he returned to Naples in 1272 to found his Theology University, located at what today is Naples San Domenico Maggiore Church. Rumor has it that the saint’s arm still resides somewhere in the clavicles of the church.

If you visit, make sure to look inside the sacristy where forty-two coffins are arranged along the balcony. One contains the remains of King Alfonso I and another of King Ferdinand I of Aragon.

A mystery attaches to this sacristy: the Treasure Room was suppose to hold the hearts of King Charles II of Anjou as well as King Alfonso and King Ferdinand I, but when the French occupied the Kingdom of Naples in the 19th century, the relics disappeared forever.

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