Porta San Gennaro is a 10th century gate to the city located just a few steps from the Cavour Metro. After the great plague of 1656 which is purported to have claimed the lives of at least half of Naples citizens, Neapolitans seeking protection from yet another calamity frescoed the most vulnerable part of the city – their gates, as an ex-voto to their Patron Saint, San Gennaro. Interestingly, the only gate that still retains its fresco is the gate that bears the saint’s name, Porta San Gennaro. The work of Mattia Preti (1613 – 1699) and recently restored the fresco features San Gennaro, Santa Rosalia and San Francesco Saverios. A bust of San Gaetano was added in 1659 and after the cholera epidemic of 1884, a painting of the Virgin Mary was added to a niche in the gate as an ex-voto in 1887.

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