Naples Taxis

Contrary to what you might have heard, Naples Taxis won’t necessarily “take you for a ride.” By and large they are clean, well regulated and fairly economical. Naples taxis are more expensive on Sundays and holidays and after 22:00 and there are of course supplements for dispatch fees, baggage, etc.

The Naples taxi tariff system offers both meter rates and fixed tariffs. All taxis are required to display the Tariff Card (in Italian and English) on the back of the front seat of the taxi to allow the rider to choose either a metered journey or fixed tariff price. If you want a fixed tariff rate, however, you must inform the driver before proceeding.

Download the Naples Taxi Tariff Card

Meter Rates

The ordinary tariff has a base amount: €3,50 for weekdays and €6,50 for holidays. To the amount displayed on the taximeter one has to add the supplements listed in the tariff. The minimum amount for weekdays is €4,50.

Fixed Rate Tariffs

Fixed rate tariffs are available from the major transportation hubs – Capodichino Airport, the Central Train Station and Porto Molo Beverello to all of the city’s major tourist attractions and neighborhoods and beyond (i.e. Pompeii, Sorrento, etc.). Fixed rate tariffs do not use the meter and include any extra charges (to/from airport, night ride, holiday, luggage, animals), are for the total number of passengers on board the taxi, and are valid for the whole day on weekdays, weekends and holidays.

Download the Tariff Card for rates and bands.

Taxi Receipts

Riders can request the receipt of the payment, which has no taxable value. Taxi drivers are not allowed to release receipts different from those authorized by the City Council. The receipt is mandatory for fixed tariff, in this case the receipt must be released before the ride.


Getting a Cab

Getting a cab is not difficult either. Sometimes you can flag one down, but it’s best to get one at a Taxi Rank. There are over 100 Taxi Ranks throughout the city and you’ll find them at all major train stations, the airport, both of the Ports, Molo Beverello and Mergellina and at most major tourist attractions. You can also book a taxi by phone or online with several of Naples taxi companies and some accept credit cards.

+39 0812222

Consorzio Taxi Napoli
+39 081 8888

Radio Taxi Napoli
+39 081 5564444

Radio Taxi La Partenope
+39 081 0101


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