Naples Rental Car Agencies

If you’ve never driven in Italy, with special emphasis on Naples we suggest you give it a couple more minutes of thought. The driving here is totally different than in the U.S or other countries in Europe. It is very easy to find yourself in trouble, or worse yet, in an accident.

If you decide to drive, however, here’s a couple simple items for you to consider:

Almost all rental cars in Italy have manual transmission. You have to know how to drive a stick. If you do find an automatic, you’ll be paying almost double the regular daily rate.

Insurance. Definitely and Absolutely. Check with your insurance company to see if your rental insurance is good in Italy. Check with your credit card company as well. For example, American Express will cover insurance on your rental in almost every country in Europe with the exception of Italy. When you add the insurance to the rental, make sure they add both accident coverage and theft.

Gas. It is very expensive here. The current price is about 6 dollars a gallon.

Know the rules. The Carabinieri (Italian National Police) can pull you over at any time to check your documents. They do this by flagging you down with what we call a lollipop, a round red reflector on a 2 foot stick. If you get flagged down, pull over immediately and have your documentation (i.e. passport, rental agreement, license, insurance) at the ready.

With all that being said however, driving in Italy can be a lot of fun….as long as you’re careful.

Naples Rental Car Agencies

Capodichino Airport – 081/7896252

Capodichino Airport – 081/7805790
Central Train Station – 081/284041
Soccavo – Via Montagna Spaccata – 081/7269943
Santa Lucia – Via Parthenope – 081/2400307
Mergellina – Via Piedigrotta – 081/7618354

San Giovanni a Teduccio – Via Repubbliche Marinare – 081/5591221

Dollar Rent A Car
Capodichino Airport – 081/7805702

Capodichino Airport – 081/7805643
Via Santa Lucia – 081/7649838
Viale Fulco Ruffo di Calabria – 081/7514362

Capodichino Airport – 081/7802971
Central Train Station – 081/206228
Soccavo – Via Epomeo – 081/2412013
Maddalena – Viale Comandante Maddalena Umberto – 081/7805681
Mergellina – Mergellina Train Station – 081/7616235
Agnano – Via Scarfoglio – 081/5708701

Santa Lucia – Via Partenope – 081/7645060

Capodichino Airport – 081/7803011
Central Train Station – 081/287858
Centro – Via M. Cervantes – 081/5521900
Bagnoli – NATO Base – 081/6100720
Agnano – Via Scarfoglio – 081/7623278
Capodichino – Calata Capodichino – 081/7802322

Capodichino Airport – 081/7512055
Capodimonte – Viale del Poggio – 081/7435320
Doganella – 081/7512055

Capodichino Airport – 081/78961242
Hospital Zone (Zona Ospedaliera) – Via Pietravalle – 081/5468380
San Giovanni – Via Repubbliche – 081/5591221
Vomero – Via Guido De Ruggiero 081-6131642

Vespa Sprint Noleggio Scooter
Santa Lucia – Via Santa Lucia – 081/7641333

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