Naples Cumana and Circumflegrei Regional Metro Lines

Operated by E.A.V, Naples Cumana and Circumflegrei regional metro lines (formerly the SEPSA lines) connect the city center at Montesanto with the towns in the Campi Flegrei (Phleghrean Fields). The Cumana runs a southern route along the Bay of Naples, terminating at Torregaveta. The Circumflegrea Railway takes a more northerly path and most trains terminate at Licola.

You will need a Unico Campania TIC ticket, or an EAV ticket (only valid on EAV transport) is required on all Naples Regional Metro lines.  TIC Tickets are “integrated” and are valid for all transport within Naples and the surrounding region (depending on the ticket purchased) and are organised into 16 fare bands and are available as a single journey (timed), monthly or annual ticket.

Naples Cumana runs daily:

Montesanto – Torregaveta
05.20 – 21.41

Torregaveta – Montesanto
05.40 – 21.40

See the Cumana schedule here

Naples Cumana
Naples Cumana Regional Metro Line


Naples Circumflegrea runs daily: (only 3 trains a day arrive/depart from Torregaveta)

Montesanto – Licola
05.12 – 21.43

Licola – Montesanto
06.03 – 21.43

See the Circumflegrea schedule here

Naples Circumflegrea
Naples Circumflegrea Line

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