Naples Circumvesuviana Railway

Now operated by EAV Campania, five Regional Railway Lines known as Naples Circumvesuviana connect the city center with the city’s eastern suburbs around Mount Vesuvius. Using the  Napoli ↔ Sorrento and Napoli ↔ Poggiomarino lines, not only can you reach all of the major Vesuvian Excavation Sites, but the Circumvesuviana is also a cheaper, and in some cases quicker,  alternative to taking the hydrofoil to Sorrento.

EAV has also added the seasonal Campania Express Train that runs between Naples and Sorrento (and return) in just 50 minutes.

The Circumvesuviana station is easily reached from the Naples Central Train Station, Stazione Centrale via an underground walkway.

Travel tip:

To avoid the crowds, get the train at the start of the line at the Porta Nolana station on Corso Garibaldi.

You will need a Unico Campania TIC ticket, or an EAV ticket (only valid on EAV transport), which can both be purchased at the Central Station.  TIC Tickets are “integrated” and are valid for all transport within Naples and the surrounding region (depending on the ticket purchased) and are organised into 16 fare bands and are available as a single journey (timed), monthly or annual ticket.

  • Naples to Herculaneum: NA2 Ticket- €2.50 (valid for 120 minutes)
  • Naples to Pompei: NA3 Ticket – €3.20 (valid for 140 minutes)
  • Naples to Sorrento: NA5 Ticket – €4.50 (valid for 180 minutes)

The Napoli ↔ Sorrento train runs daily, about every half hour during peak hours,  and the entire journey takes just a little over an hour.

Napoli to Sorrento runs 06.09 – 21.39 see the Napoli to Sorrento Schedule
Sorrento to Napoli runs 06.01 – 21.37 see the Sorrento to Napoli Schedule

Major stops on the Napoli ↔ Sorrento line are:

Major stops on the Napoli ↔ Poggiomarino line are:


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