How are we all?  Having fun?

This week I’m starting with exhibitions:

Finishing on Sunday 13th July, there’s an exhibition, ‘Health care during the time of the Bourbons‘, at The Museo delle Arti Sanitarie di Napoli, within the complex of Santa Maria del Popolo for Incurable Diseases.  The exhibition shows the history of the health of the Bourbons of Naples.

Next up is the exhibition of the work of Luca Pignatelli, one of the most interesting international artists of the past twenty years, at the Capodimonte Museum.  The exhibition ends on Tuesday 15th July.

Lastly (but there are of course many more I haven’t covered) is ‘Us and Them‘, and exhibition of Paolo Naldi’s work at Castel dell’Ovo.  The exhibition covers works from the many cycles that have characterised Naldi’s research in recent years.  The exhibition runs until Monday 14th July.

Next we’re moving on to guided tours:

From 21st June, the Reggia di Caserta (Royal Palace of Caserta) has been hosting ‘Illuminated light tours‘.  A fantastic series of guided tours of the grounds of the royal palace, with special illuminations of the main features of the gardens.  The tours run until the beginning of October.  See the event link for dates and times.

The other tour I’d like to tell you about this weekend is ‘Friday at the ruins‘, every Friday night in July, August, September and October at the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, there are guided tours, aiming to highlight the lives and deaths of the ancient citizens.

Next is an amazing visual display, ‘La Festa del Carmine 2014‘.  An annual event on 15th July, to celebrate the “burning” of the historical bell tower in Piazza Carmine.  Fireworks and pyrotechnics are set off to make it look like the tower is on fire, followed by an incredible fireworks display.

My last choice for this week is the real kick off concert of the San Carlo Theatre Opera Festival, ‘Cavalleria Rusticana‘.  After the success of the opera in 2012, it is back to delight a new audience.  The opera runs from Saturday 12th July to Saturday 2nd August 2014.

Don’t forget the many festivals happening at the moment: Summer at the Racecourse Park 2014, Ravello Festival 2014, Summer Thrills, Festival delle Ville Vesuviane 2014, Pomigliano Jazz Festival 2014,  Summer Live Tones 2014 and, starting on Tuesday 15th July, S.Elmo Estate Jazz Festival 2014.

Of course there are even more events currently on around Naples, details of which you can find on our events pages.

Have a great weekend and fingers crossed for dry, sunny weather! 🙂

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