With less than a month to go, Comune di Napoli has announced the Mobility Plan for the event we are all waiting for, America’s Cup Naples, the 2011-2012 Americas Cup World Series Event that will take place here from 7 – 15 April, 2012.

The America’s Cup Mobility Plan will be in effect from March 26th through April 25th and will involve an area that extends from Mergellina to Piazza Municipio and from the sea to Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

The Mobility Plan includes significant traffic restrictions and diversions, a Special Limited Traffic Zone, ZTL and a Pedestrian Zone around the event area at Rotunda Dohrn, as well as special provisions for public transportation and parking. Comune di Napoli’s Piano mobilità per l’America’s Cup is quite exhaustive, but here are the major highlights.

Major Road Closures and Deviations

Via Caracciolo and Viale Dohrn will be closed to traffic from Piazza della Repubblica to Piazza Vittoria and Via Partenope
The one-way traffic on Viale Gramsci between Piazza della Repubblica and Piazza Sannazaro will be inverted
The one-way traffic on Via Caracciolo between Piazza della Repubblica and Piazza Sannazaro will be inverted
Via Arcoleo will be one-way between Piazza Vittoria and Galleria Vittoria
Riviera di Chiaia will re-open limited two-way traffic

ZTL and Pedestrian Zone Hours

Monday through Thursday from 0700 – 2000
From 0700 on Friday through 2400 on Sunday
For the entire week of the event from 0700 on April 5th until 2400 on April 15th
Post event, from 0700 on April 20th to 2400 on April 25th

Public Transportation

Visitors and those transiting through the ZTL will need to use public transportation and/or leave their cars at one of the parking garages around the city.

Unico Campania will offer  two special public transportation tickets which can be used from 7 to 15 April. The special tickets will be valid for 3 and 9 days and will have a cost of €8,00 and €20,00 respectively.

Metro Services

Metro Lines servicing the special ZTL are:

Metro Line 2 and Line 6 at Mergellina
The Cumana at Corso Vittorio Emanuele
Metro Line 2 and the Chiaia Funicolare at Piazza Amedeo
The Centrale Funicolare at Piazzetta Augusteo

Metro Line 1 will offer increased services and the Chiaia Funiculare will run until 2400 during the week of the event, April 7 – 15

ANM Buses

From March 25th to April 26th, Naples ANM Buses will increase services on the 154 (Parcheggio Brin – Santa Lucia – Piazza Vittoria) and 151 (Piazza Garibaldi – Piazza Vittoria – Piazzale Tecchio) lines to every 10 to 12 minutes from 0800 – 2000
ANM will also increase bus services in the ZTL during the week of the event, April 7 – 15
From March 25th to April 26th, a special shuttle bus, the Chiaia Tender Bus will run 5 buses between Piazza Municipio and Piazza Sannazaro with service every 7 to 8 minutes

Parking During the Week of the Event, April 7-15, 2012

Parking areas will be opened at Agnano on Viale Giochi del Mediterraneo and at Centro Direzionale from  7 – 9 and 14-15 April
Shuttle bus services will be provided between the Agnano parking area and Piazza della Repubblica
Shuttle bus services will be provided between the parking area at Centro Direzionale and Piazzza Vittoria from 7 – 9 and 14-15 April
Quick No Problem Parking will also offer free shuttle services

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