The decision is made. The papers are signed.  And there’s no backing out now!

OMG!!! What did we do?

We live in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Napoli. The sweeping views of the Bay and Vesuvius lure tourists from all over the world to Posillipo. They come to take in the panorama of the Bay that stretches from the city along the entire length of the Sorrentine peninsula and out to Capri. The view I get to see everyday.

OMG!!! What did we do?

And our apartment. A HUGE (by Napoli standards) first floor walk-up with fifteen foot ceilings and four balconies facing the sea.

OMG!!! What did we do?

And our neighborhood. The shop owners and neighbors that became our friends and then our family. The comfort of knowing everyone in the neighborhood and them you. In the immortal words of the Cheers theme song, “sometimes you just wanna “live” where everybody knows your name.”

OMG!!! What did we do?

But the itch hit and it hit hard. The last time it hit, I held it at bay by painting the apartment. The time before that, we crossed an ocean. Freed ourselves of the 20,000 lb ball and chain we called our suburban house and its belongings and condensed our life into a 1,200 square foot city apartment.

Are we crazy? Are we committment-phobes? Or are we just are vagabonds? There’s no real rhyme or reason to it, but every three or four years we get the itch to cut and run. It’s in our blood and there is nothing we can do about it. But this time around, while we want to change the view, we don’t want to change the channel.

So our conversations over the last several months have centered around, not where in the world do we want to go next, but where in Napoli do we want to go next. We’ve lived in this neighborhood for five years now and it’s time to try something new. But up until a few weeks ago, this whole scheme had been in the abstract. Just an idea we were toying with. Then out of nowhere we found out about an apartment in the chic Chiaia district (thanks to our friends at Noi!!!), and before we knew it we heard ourselves saying “we’ll take it.”

OMG!!! What did we do?

Half the size of our apartment, this 600 square foot charmer has three less rooms. Another exercise in downsizing to be sure, but on the upside, it’s half the apartment to clean. And although it only has one balcony, and a city view vice the sweeping views of the bay, the panorama is every bit as beautiful.

But the location is what sealed the deal. Nestled on one of the characteristic cobble stoned alleys that runs between Piazza dei Martiri and Piazza San Pasquale, the area is chock full of shops, caffes, restaurants, wine bars, and there is a large open air vegetable market everyday just steps from the door. The major bookstore, la Feltrinelli, the PAN Contemporary Arts Center, and the upscale shopping district along Via Chiaia are all short walks from here as is the metro, the major transportation hub at Piazza Vittoria and Villa Comunale and Lungomare.

A bit less residential, a lot more bustle.

I will miss my friends and neighbors (although they’ll be less than 4 km away), my everday routine in Posillipo, and my big apartment with the panoramic view, but…

OMG!!! I can’t wait to move!

P.S. Anyone want to buy a bedroom set?


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