If you are visiting Capri in spring or fall, the weather can be fickle and not every day may be a beach day. When I am in Capri on cooler days or in the off season, I love to take long walks. Some routes are rugged with hundreds of narrow steps and some are easy strolls. All of them lead to breathtaking views and enough exercise to justify the need for another gelato or mozzarella salad.


The Pizzolungo is a coastal path that winds along the ridge in-between the Arco Naturale and the Tragara overlook. In the middle of this walk you will find the ancient Grotta di Matermania which is thought by scholars and archeologists to be a place once used for pagan rituals relating to the Mithraic mysteries or to Cibele, goddess of fertility. Another highlight of this path is the Casa Malaparte. This masterpiece of modern architecture was designed by architect Adalberto Libera and sits on Punta Massullo high above the sea. You will also catch views of the famous Faraglioni rocks from an angle that most tourists miss.

Arco Naturale

The view of emerald green water hundreds of meters below and cool sea breezes are what await you at the end of this walk. Limestone formations are all that is left of what was once a cave forming a dramatic natural arch. The easiest way to reach the Arco Naturale is to take via Matermania until you reach Le Grotelle restaurant. Climb up and down the 121 steps where there are several scenic outlooks. Back at the restaurant there is a very narrow staircase leading down to the Pizzolungo.

via Tragara

I like to take a stroll on the via Tragara on a warm summer evening after dinner. Along the way you can listen to the sounds of elegant parties happening in the private villas that are hidden behind tall walls and gates. At the end of the road is an overlook where you can spy the yachts far down below that sparkle like stars in the inky sea.

via Krupp

The dramatic switchback twists and turns and the turquoise sea are what make the via Krupp one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Start at the Gardens of Augustus fragrant and colorful with flowers and painted ceramic benches and then take your time walking down to the Marina Piccola where you will find a pebble beach and a few bars and restaurants.

via Mulo

The via Krupp is closed until the first of June. An alternative route to the Marina Piccola is the residential via Mulo.

via Sopramonte to via Croce

This is an easy loop that will take you deep into the quiet residential neighborhoods of Capri. There are benches to take a break and a few local bars or small shops if you would like to stop for a quick cup of coffee or a cold drink.


Head over to the other side of the island to Anancapri and hike one of the many trails on the Monte Solaro. Monte Solaro is Capri’s highest point so your efforts will be rewarded with 360 degree views over the island and the bay. If you are tired take the chair lift which will zoom you to the top in a few short minutes.

These are just scratching the surface of the amazing walks and hikes you can take on this extraordinary Island. What is your favourite stroll to take on Capri?