Via Alabardieri, 30-31, Naples
+39 081 418555

The history of our restaurant began in 1916 when Ermelinda and Umberto Di Porzio opened a little trattoria, known to most as “Don Umberto”. Today, built on traditional Neapolitan recipes, the menù at Umberto Ristorante is rich and varied and includes gluten free options. Seasonal variations, our traditional Neapolitan pizza menù and our exquisite family atmosphere all form part of the ‘Umberto’ identity.

We offer a variety of tasting menus during local events and festivals, often revising classical Partenopean recipes with a contemporary twist; and we organise food and wine courses with highly respected organisations such as Slow Food, Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, and Associazione Italiana Sommeliers. Above all we endeavour to continue to care for customers with the dedication expected from a family with over a century of experience in welcoming, recommending and delivering dishes according to the Partenopean tradition.