Opened in September 2012, the Toledo Metro Station was the 16th station built on Naples Metro Line 1. Set along one of Naples main shopping streets, Via Toledo, a second entrance to the station is expected to open into Naples Spanish Quarter, Quartieri Spagnoli, in February 2013.

Designed by the Spanish Firm Oscar Tusquets Blanca, at 50 meters deep, the station extends below the ground water and is the deepest metro station built on Line 1 to date. One of Metro Napoli’s Metro Art Stations, it was designed around the themes of water and light.

Curated by Achille Bonito Oliva, works of art include two William Kentridge mosaics, designed by the South African artist and realised by Neapolitan craftsmen. In the deepest corridor of the station are Robert Wilson’s Light Panels and works by Achille Cevoli.

Until the inauguration of Stazione Garibaldi which is scheduled for May or June 2013, a Navetta connects passengers with the Dante and the Università stations. At Dante, passengers can change trains and continue towards Piscinola.

The Toledo Metro station is the meeting point for the Metro Art Tour.