TimTenClayNapoli Unplugged Contributor Tim TenClay is a husband, father, pastor, bread baker, knitter, musician, and general “jack of all trades, master of none.” He is particularly interested in rituals and liturgies, in the relationship between architecture and beliefs, and in facilitating mutual understanding between people of different traditions and faiths. He has been involved in the publication of Worship the Lord: The Liturgy of the Reformed Church in America, Singing the New Testament, and Lift Up Your Hearts. He believes, above all else, in the profundity of love, grace, and justice, and he seeks to help others experience and embrace them more fully.

Tim is ordained in the Reformed Church in America, and currently lives in Portici (NA, Italy) with his wife and two young daughters. He serves two Italian protestant congregations (Portici and Ponticelli), and is enjoying the daily journey of getting to know a new culture, city, and language. Tim writes the NU Blog Jack of All, Master of None: Miscellany of an Expat Iowan living in Naples.

Tim’s Posts

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