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ART1307 Presents TTOZOI’s Muffe su Tela

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MG_2984_edited1_web is the deliberate creation of aesthetic sensations. Art is a work of a human being, not of nature. It is not accidental. G. Ellis Burcaw, Introduction to Museum Work, Third Edition But what if it was accidental - a planned accident? Or spontaneous or unpredictable? Would it still be art? What if the artist were to become merely a tool, the agent of

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BLACKATCHA… once again Opens at ISI Arti Associate

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Image courtesy of Giorgio Cossu, PhotoNapoli Behind the doors of the newly opened ISI Arti Associate in Naples chic Chiaia district, a large crowd gathered Thursday evening for the opening of BLACKATCHA… once again. On display, a solo exhibit of the works of Los Angeles based artist Mark Steven Greenfield presented by the cultural associations ART 1307 and ISI Arti

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Latitude 34-40 Exhibit Opens in Naples

By at November 8, 2010 | 6:56 pm | 1 Comments


Thursday evening was magical. In the company of friends old and new, I was immersed in a stunning new contemporary art exhibit set inside the walls of an historic villa.  The vernissage for the exchange show Latitude 34-40 was a huge success thanks to the tireless efforts of Renato and Cynthia Penna, founders of the non-profit Cultural Association ART 1307. A meeting of

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Naples ART 1307 Cultural Association – Promoting Art Without Frontiers

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Art knows no boundaries. It is timeless and borderless, the utmost form of cultural exchange. That is the spirit in which ART 1307 was founded and the vision that ART 1307 seeks to advance - promoting art without frontiers. Founded in 2007 by Renato Penna, President of the Association, ART 1307 is a non-profit cultural association dedicated to promoting art - for those

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Napoli Welcomes American Contemporary Artist Joe Davidson

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Life here in Napoli town moves at a slow and yet frenetic pace - a contradiction like all things Napoli, and you just never know what's around the next corner. Take last night for example. I had been corresponding with Cynthia Penna, the curator at Art 1307 here in Naples about the opening of an exhibit by the Los Angeles based contemporary artist Joe Davidson and she

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Contemporary Art at Home in Naples Historic District

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On my first visit to the MADRE Museum of Contemporary Art back in 2006 I went without any expectations. Besides not being a huge fan of installation art, which forms a large part of MADRE’s collections, I just couldn’t conceive of a contemporary art museum in the heart of Naples historic district. Modern art, ancient city, the two seemed incongruent. I couldn’t

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20th Century Art Arrives on Naples Art Scene

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March 5th, 2010 marked the opening of a new Modern Art venue in the City of Naples, the Novecento a Napoli Museum (20th Century in Naples). Set in Castel Sant'Elmo on Vomero hill, the musuem follows a long list of impressive contemporary art venues that have exploded onto the scene in recent years - the products of a cultural renaissance that has been sweeping the city

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