The San Lorenzo Maggiore Monumental Complex sits at the bottom of Piazza San Gaetano. It is a 13th-century French Gothic conventual complex that is owed to the Angevins and that was built on top of the Forum of ancient Neapolis and an earlier 6th century basilica. The church was highly ornamented during the Baroque era, but most of it has been returned to its original Gothic form.

A stairway located in the cloister leads to a large archaeological excavation, the ancient remains of Greco-Roman Neapolis, La Neapolis Sotterrata (Buried Neapolis). The complex also features a museum relating to the history of San Lorenzo Maggiore, starting with the Greco-Roman city of Neapolis upon which it is built.

Visit San Lorenzo Maggiore

Piazza San Gaetano, 316
+39 081 2110860
Open daily 09.30 – 17.30
Adults €9.00 for the underground and museum; entry to the church is free

San Lorenzo Maggiore