You many never have cause to use the Salvator Rosa Metro Station, but whether you do or not, it is definitely worth a visit. A Metro Line 1 station, it’s just two stops west of the Museo Station at Naples National Archaeological Museum.

One of MetroNapoli’s Metro Art Stations, it opened in 2001. Designed by the Milan based firm Atelier Mendini, a number of works were installed inside the station while a collaborative team of architects and artists completely transformed the area around the station.

A terraced park and garden connected by stairways and an outdoor escalator, the remains of a Roman Bridge and a neoclassical chapel were worked into the design. Among the works around the station are Mimmo Paladino and Salvatore Paladino’s games terrace, Mimmo Paladino’s monumental Hand sculpture, and Alex Mocika’s recreational sculptures Atom and LEM. Several of the apartment buildings were adorned with large mosaics and at each of the station’s two entrances you’ll find the Atelier Mendini metal and colored glass spires.