The violent storm of wind, water and hail on 16th June has affected many locations in the Naples area and has also caused considerable damage in the area of the ruins of Herculaneum, with particular focus on the ticket office and the tree-lined road that branches from the entrance of the historic Corso Resina, which is normally accessed by visitors who come to the city on the Circumvesuviana and the local population who uses the park facilities.
The latter is granted by the Superintendent on loan for use by the town of Herculaneum, which guarantees the maintenance, supervision and safety.

In particular, 11 very tall cypress trees were uprooted and felled, with disastrous consequences also on the cctv poles and on the railing bordering the boulevard on the edge of the embankment, while another 23 cypresses are in an extremely precarious state and therefore will be felled for safety reasons. 16 other specimens in the state area and the archaeological park will be undergoing reorganization and pruning of containment for the damages suffered.

The Superintendent started work on 17th June as a matter of the utmost urgency primarily on heritage trees, by intervening first in the ticket office area, in order to at least allow visitor access from the Via dei Papiri Ercolanesi.

The excavations, thanks to timely intervention, have been closed to the public only from 16th to 19th June.

At present, they are in full swing of felling the unsafe trees, a very delicate operation considering that the area in question is on the edge of the embankment which skirts the underlying archaeological area. It is expected that these operations will be completed no later than the end of July.

At the same time, it is not possible to achieve in a short time all the necessary work for ensuring the safety of the path (railings and cctv) and park facilities, in order to allow, before the end of this month, the reopening of the entrance at Corso Resina and facilitate, therefore, the flow of tourists to the commercial heart of the modern city.

The Comune is committed to ensuring stable control and surveillance by the local police at the entrance at Corso Resina.