On Friday 13th June 2014, the Carriage Museum (Museo delle Carrozze) will re-open at the Villa Pignatelli.

The museum was the idea of Bruno Molajoli, who had received a donation from the Marquis Mario D’Alessandro di Civitanova and was planned in 1975 by Ezio Bruno De Felice in the ex stables of the villa.

Closed for more than 20 years, the museum presents a rich collection of carriages, made richer by donations.

The Carriage Museum is part of ‘Napoli è un paradiso!’, one of the nine itineraries of ‘Viaggio in Campania.  In the footsteps of the Grand Tour’, the program of spectacular visits and events, carried out by the Scabec, with Campania>Artecard per la Regione Campania‐Assessorato al Turismo e Beni Culturali.