Its only fitting that the most picturesque neighbourhood in Naples is also home to the city’s most upscale market. Born in 1984 in Piazza Salvatore di Giacomo, Posillipo Market eventually found its home at Parco Virgiliano a Posillipo. Today, 140 stalls stretch along the entrance to the park, under the natural umbrella of the massive pines that line both sides of the promenade.

From Armani suits to bathing suites, you’ll find a seasonal assortment of clothes for every occasion and of every style; shoes, boots and handbags galore; knock-off cosmetics and jewellery; and a wide assortment of household items and fabric. Open only on Thursdays, combine a trip to Posillipo Market with a walk through Parco Virgiliano a Posillipo, check out the views along Via Petrarca, or visit the ancient Grotta di Seiano e Pausylipon.