Just a few blocks north of the port in the area around Piazza Nolana, under the watchful eye of the two towers that once stood guard over the ancient port entrance to the city, you’ll find Naples best seafood market. And if you don’t mind crowds, chaos and confusion, this market is not to be missed.

Rarely frequented by tourists, Porta Nolana Market is where locals go in search of ingredients for their daily meals that are so rich in seafood. And by seafood we mean, clams, mussels and oysters; shrimp, squid and octopus; sea bass and sword fish; anchovies and sardines; the all important bacala – salted cod and captioni – eel for the traditional Neapolitan Christmas Eve dinner; and everything in between, plucked fresh out of the sea.

Best bets are anything veraci, live, like vongole veraci or capoitni veraci. Squeamish about killing your own capitone, for the price of a caffè (about 80 centesimi), the expert fishmongers will take care of it for you. And if you’re not squeamish, check this video out to see just how its done.

Of course, seafood isn’t the only game in town. Fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and cheeses, breads and desserts, and grocery items round out the market’s offerings.