Tucked between Via Port’Alba, several University Buildings, the Academy of Fine Arts, Accademia di Belle Arti, and the Music Conservatory of San Pietro a Majella, Piazza Bellini buzzes with a vibe unlike any other in the city.

Lively, funky, and left of centre, it’s a meeting spot, melting pot, and a confluence of youth and culture. With a Spritz in one hand and a hand rolled cigarette in the other, Naples next generation of musicians, artists, writers, politicians, philosophers, and intellectuals debate the burning questions of the day under the watchful eye of the statue of Sicilian operatic composer Vincenzo Bellini, for which the Piazza was named. The 4th century Greco-Roman ruins of the city’s western wall just a few feet away, a gentle reminder of the piazza’s place in history.

A favoured meeting spot among University students and a great place for traveling writers to get their thoughts down on the page, most of the cafes offer free WiFi. There is also free coverage as part of Naples WiFi in the City Program, which launched in Piazza Bellini in 2011.

On any given evening in Piazza Bellini, your liable to stumble upon live jazz, a concert, or a poetry reading. Favourite hangouts include the Caffè Intra Moenia “literary caffe,” which has a large collection of books to peruse while you take a caffe or sip an aperitif. Nearby, the new Nea Art Gallery’s Bistro Caffe opens onto the court of the University’s Library.