Billed first as Notte Bianca, and later as Notte d’Arte, it was as promised: a journey through art, history, culture, music and shopping in Naples Centro Storico… and not only.

A synergy, a collaboration between institutions to animate the alleys of Naples Centro Storico. The streets, churches, monuments, conservatories, museums, bookstores, schools: the opening of the heart of Naples, with the participation of its residents. Spaces freed from cars and returned to the use of the citizens, in particular, the children. Mayor Luigi De Magistris

Works of art, ancient, modern and contemporary, were open to the public and on display. Caravaggio’s final work, The Martyrdom of Saint Ursula (1610) and two of Andy Warhol’s Vesuvius lithographs at Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano. Works by local and international artists inside the Toledo Metro Station. The lights of Salerno, the Luci d’Artista on Via San Gregorio Armeno.

And of course, Neapolitan craftsmanship at its best, the Art of the Presepio. The San Nicola alla Carità Presepe Exhibit and the 11th Edition of the Mostra di Arte Presepiale, two of the city’s most beautiful, most impressive presepe exhibits.

There were dance, music and theatrical performances in the churches, the palazzi, and the piazzas. Break dancing in Galleria Umberto I, a rock band at Piazza Dante, a flute recital and piano concerto at the Conservatory of San Pietro a Majella, and Tango in Palazzo Borsa.

And of course, there was Christmas shopping, sipping and sampling galore. Through the streets of Chiaia and along Via Toledo, in the alleys of Centro Storico and down Via San Gregorio Armeno. The bookstores along Via Port’Alba, a Christmas market at Piazza Dante, the Christmas Handicrafts Fair at Via Ponte di Tappia, and stalls filled with Christmas Kitsch lining every alley of the Quartieri Spagnoli.

These, were just a few of our favourite things.

These were just a few of the venues, just a few of the events that were on tap for Notte d’Arte. A magical night that started around 5:00 pm with a Christmas Parade sponsored by the Naples Chamber of Commerce and that ended somewhere around 3:00 am the next morning.

Looking back on the evening over a late dinner, we realised what I suppose we’ve known all along. It’s not only during an event like Notte d’Arte that you will find such a wide array of art, history, culture, music and shopping in the city. Naples is truly a city that has something for everyone, and on any given day, in any given neighbourhood, you’ll find all this and more.

Notte d’Arte was much more than magical, mystery tour of Naples. Like the star on my Christmas tree, it was a profound reminder of all that this city is, all that this city has to offer, and all that this city can be.

Shopping in the alleys of Chiaia.

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A star points the way to Via Chiaia and a tree lights up the San Carlo Theatre, whose offerings this Christmas season included La Traviata, and the upcoming San Carlo Children’s Choir Christmas Concert led by the incomparable Stefania Rinaldi on December 21st and 22nd, and the Nutcracker, running December 27th through January 2nd.

Galleria Umberto I decked out for the season!

From Piazza Trieste e Trento to Piazza Carità, the Luminarie Tricolore light up Via Toledo.

The Naples Christmas Parade.

Market at Via Ponte di Tappia.

The presepe of San Nicola alla Carità (see more photos of the presepe here).

Luci d’Artista at San Gregorio Aremeno (see more photos of Luci d’Artista here).

Tango at Palazzo Borsa (and there was a fashion show there too).