With its 5th avenue shops, bustling Neapolitan caffès and trattorie, and cosmopolitan wine bars and clubs, Chiaia is undoubtedly the chicest neighborhood in Naples. And one can only assume that Chiaia’s picturesque cobble stoned alley known as Vicoletto Belledonne translates to the alley of beautiful women. Whether by design or accident, you couldn’t find a better location for the first and only “English speaking” Hair Salon in Naples – Noi (Us in Italian). Genius!

The brainchild of California native Rick Breco and Neapolitan brothers Massimo and Giuseppe Topo, their resumes read like a whose who of the hair styling world. After running thriving salons in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Honolulu, these three LA trained stylists brought their California concept to Rome where they met with enormous success. Having conquered Rome, they set their sights on a second Italy location, bringing Noi to Massimo and Giuseppe’s home town of Naples.

Walking into Noi, the first thing you notice besides the gorgeous contemporary chocolate brown décor, is that you are treated like an old friend. Style is secondary to friendship, color is secondary to conversation. Like the salons of my youth, minus the big multicolored hair rollers and air thick with hair spray and the smell of bleach and perms, there’s plenty of coffee klatching (made only better by Neapolitan caffè) and just general bantering to go around. And even better, it is never too early for a Prosecco at Noi.

But don’t let the relaxed and friendly atmosphere fool you. The team at Noi are experts. Expert colorists, expert stylists, and experts with every type of scissors known to man. The concept, California cool meets Italy chic means that whatever your style, Noi will take it to the next level.

My only complaint, I don’t need to get my hair done more often. But if you are in the neighborhood, the door at Noi is always open to stop in for a caffé or Prosecco and catch up on the latest gossip.

Whether you live here or are just visiting – don’t leave Naples without trying Noi!