Nestled in the most elegant section of Naples, down a charming cobble stoned street known as Vicoletto Belledonne, (The Alley of the Beautiful Women) is the international award-winning salon Noi.

Noi, the Italian word for “us” is the stylistic masterpiece of three men – Rick, Massimo and Giuseppe– their genius, inspiration, and warm wit, all bundled into a tasteful English – (and Italian) speaking salon.

The first and only salon of its type in Naples, Noi was created by Southern California native Rick Breco and Neapolitan brothers Massimo and Giuseppe Topo. Their combined resumes have credentials ranging from Italy to the USA and back again; each stylist boasting more than 25 years of experience in various challenging locations: Milan, Bologna, Naples, L.A., San Diego, San Francisco and Hawaii. The three have been trainers, platform artists and salon owners, winning awards on both continents.

After their successful salons and personal style conquered southern California, the trio relocated to Rome for new adventure and inspiration. Following further acclaim in the Eternal City, they opened a second Italian salon here in Naples.

When you enter Noi, you are embraced by the warm decor, the casual ambience and the stylists themselves. Yes, at Noi you are a beloved friend, confidant, and ongoing canvas of beauty, not simply a client.

Let your friends, the experts at Noi, help you with any difficult decisions in creating your look: custom-blended colors that match your skin tone and also compliment your eyes; length and shape that flatter your face and highlight your bone-structure; layers, textures and techniques that emphasize not only your physical beauty but also your character and personal life style. Noi is more than an experience, it’s a lifestyle.

Enjoy an espresso or sip Prosecco while discussing your own goals for enhancing your look; each stylist will give you his complete attention and dedication during the consultation. Worries or concerns about your look? Confide in your friends at Noi: Self-confidence and beauty are just an appointment away.

The end result, of course, is a look that meshes completely with your aspirations and flatters your natural qualities. Confident and sophisticated, the elegance of Italy married to the casual cool of California – that is the look of Noi.