According to a press release from Campania Felix and Napoli Per Expo 2015, Naples will be well represented at Los Angeles event on April 28th:

Keeping with its commitment to promoting Napoli in the US that began with Unite the Two Bays, Campania Felix to showcase NapolixExpo 2015 – Art, Culture & Business on April 28 at Los Angeles’ 20 Italian Regions For Expo Milan 2015 ART, HI-TECH AND BEAUTY. EMOTIONS AND FLAVORS.

While the interest in Expo 2015 keeps growing, in the US are multiplying initiatives to showcase Italy to the potential US visitors that will be traveling to Milan during the months of the world fair. In particular after President Obama’s reference to the expected success of the manifestation during the recent visit to Washington of Italy’s Prime Minster Matteo Renzi. And although all Italian legations around the US are engaged in an intense promotional activity, one of the most important appointments, Twenty Italian Regions for Expo Milan 2015, will take place this coming April 28 at the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles, and NapolixExpo 2015— Art, Culture and Business will be highlighted as destination of choice during the evening.

Organized by ENIT, the Italian Tourist Board, and the Italian American Chamber of Commerce West, under the auspice of the Italian Consulate General of Los Angeles, for a selected number of US operators and the cosmopolitan mix of Hollywoodites and artist constituting the typical Los Angeles crowd, 20 Italian Regions mires to showcasing the wealth of unique artistic and gastronomic-cultural itineraries that Italian regions have prepared for visitors to the Expo who intend to travel Italy following their visit to Milan.

Promoted by the City of Naples in collaboration with Associazione Skillpoint, Unite the Two Bays, Eventi Napoli and Campania Felix, NapolixExpo 2015 – Art Culture and Business seeks to provide an opportunity to travel off the beaten path to Expo 2015 to visitors following their stay in Milan. Rich with proposals relating to art, culture, cuisine and tourism, NapolixExpo 2105 – Art, Culture and Business is directed also at strengthening business relations between Naples and selected USA locations, an effort which began with Unite the Two Bays in 2013. Business visitors traveling to Italy following their stay at Expo—and seeking partners or economic opportunities in Campania–will be provided with a personalized tour proposal and a calendar of meetings with local business operators in the safety and the comfort of an ad-hoc business center courtesy of the City of Naples.

At the center of NapolixExpo 2015 is the web site which staring in April, to the end of the Expo 2015, will be listing all the activities and the appointments happening in Naples during the months of the world fair. Expected to be referenced by the about 8 million expected to visit Naples following their stay in Milan, the web site is open to advertising proposals and to featuring companies and business people with commercial ties to Napoli and the Campania region.

For Further Information and media inquiries please contact:

In the US: Paolo Pontoniere, Campania Felix, LLC at or

In Napoli: Luciano Serafini,