When I sat down to write this section I found myself going around and around in circles. Trying to explain Naples transporation system is like trying to explain abstract art. Individually, the parts seem disconnected, yet somehow the compilation works. I imagine it’s the same in any major city. With so many different modes of transporation and so many agencies involved it can be difficult to see the whole picture no less navigate it. And yet, Naples seemingly disparate conglomerate of bus, rail, sea, and air transportation agencies move millions of passengers in, out and around the city every year.

And despite its flaws, Naples transportation system is extremely economical and easier to use and more reliable than ever before as great strides have been made in recent years to expand, improve, and upgrade the system. Not for the feint of heart however, Naples transportation system can be quite daunting at first. It takes a bit of practice and a lot of patience to master. Beyond that, it suffers from the same issues as any other major metropolitan transportation system in the world. Yes – it can get very crowded. And yes – it can be subject to closures, delays and just plain general inconveniences. But with major initiatives underway to expand and improve the system and its low price tag, if you live in the city or are just visiting you just might want to park the car and give Naples transit a try.

Alibus Airport Shuttle
Cheaper than a taxi and more convenient than the city buses, Naples Alibus runs between Capodichino Airport, the Central Train Station and the city center.

Buses and Metro
Naples Transportation System is operated by a consortium of 14 different agencies moving passengers around Naples and in and out of the Campania region.

Capodichino Airport
With service to 13 domestic and 29 international destinations from Naples Capodichino Airport, flying in and out of Naples, Italy has never been easier.

Ferries & Hydrofoils
Naples Ferries and Hydrofoils transport passengers to the Amalfi, Sorrentine and Salerno Coasts, the Islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida, and beyond.

Rental Cars
Most Naples rental car agencies have offices at Naples Capodichino Ariport and other locations in the city. Major companies include Avis, Dollar and Hertz.

Sightseeing Buses
If you are short on time and want to take a lot in, Naples Sightseeing Buses are a good alternative.

Naples taxis are clean, comfortable, well regulated and fairly economical. Catch one at any of the 100 taxi ranks in Naples or book by phone or online.

Transportation Bulletins
Keep up to date with the latest transportation strikes around Naples and beyond.