From 8:00 pm November 29th until midnight November 30th, Maschio Angioino, Castel Nuovo will be illuminated for Cities for Life Day 2011.

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Photo Courtesy of Diàlogos Comunicazione, Ufficio Stampa,

The symbolic lighting of a symbolic monument as a symbolic gesture to abolish the death penalty, pena di morte worldwide.

The death penalty, the extreme epitome of human rights violations, represents a means of torture, contradicts a rehabilatory view of justice, lowers civil society to the level of those who murder, legitimates violence at the highest level and often becomes a tool for the repression of political, ethnic or religious minorities.   Sant’Egidio Community

Cities for Life, Cities against the Death Penalty.

Celebrated annually since 2002, Cities for Life Day was founded by the Rome based Sant’Egidio Community. A worldwide campaign to abolish the death penalty, Cities for Life Day coincides with the first abolition of the death penalty by a European state. The decree of Peter Leopold Joseph of Habsburg-Lorriane for his Grand Duchy of Tuscany on November 30th, 1786.

This year over 1400 cities in 87 countries throughout the world will participate in the campaign.

643 cities in Italy, 26 cities in the US, 4 in the UK.

In addition to the symbolic lighting of a monument, other events such as rallies and conferences will be held worldwide November 29th – 30th.

In Naples,  the non-profit organization, La Coalizione Italiana Contro la Pena di Morte Onlus will hold a conference on November 30th starting at 0930 at Castel Nuovo. Attendees will include the Archbishop of Naples, Cardinal Sepe and Naples Mayor, Luigi De Magistris.

On December 1st at 0930, the Bishop of Pozzuoli, Monsignor Gennaro Pascarella will meet with local schools at the Biblioteca Civica Artigliere at Palazzo Toledo in Pozzuoli.