Comune di Napoli has announced special operating hours for Naples Museums from April 25th through May 1st, 2012.

Naples Polo Museale Museums will be open on Wednesday April 25th. This includes:

Since Capodimonte and the San Martino Charterhouse are normally closed on Wednesday, both will be closed on Thursday April 26th instead.

On Tuesday May 1st as part of MiBACs Italy wide initiative Primo Maggio 2012 – 1 May, 1 Museum, 1 Euro, Naples Polo Museale Museums will be open 0830 – 1930 and admission to these museums will be €1,00.

The following museums will change their normal closing day from Tuesday to:

  • Duca di Martina will be closed Monday April 30th
  • Castel Sant’Elmo will be closed Wednesday May 2nd
  • Pignatelli Cortes Museum will be closed Thursday May 3rd


PAN Palazzo dell Arti will be open April 25th and May 1st from 0930 – 1430

The Civic Museum at Castel Nuovo will be open April 25th and May 1st from 0900 – 1400