Art knows no boundaries. It is timeless and borderless, the utmost form of cultural exchange. That is the spirit in which ART 1307 was founded and the vision that ART 1307 seeks to advance – promoting art without frontiers.

Founded in 2007 by Renato Penna, President of the Association, ART 1307 is a non-profit cultural association dedicated to promoting art – for those who create it and those who love it. Focusing on visual arts in particular, their mission is three fold: educate art consumers by bringing new and diverse forms of art and new talent to the stage; encourage and support up and coming artists, especially independent artists by promoting their work and providing a venue in which they can dialogue with older and more experienced colleagues so that they can benefit from their experience and get motivated to keep working; and most importantly, to create an international cultural exchange of art, artists and ideas.

Sharing their knowledge in the field of art, ART 1307 works tirelessly to bring together artists from over the world. Their principal aim is to put artists in touch with one another so that they can work together and exchange experiences, ideas and styles in the art field. By providing the means: exhibitions, debates, visits to art workshops, conferences, etc., they foster cultural exchange and provide a venue in which artists from distant countries can dialogue with one another and participate in the building of a shared destiny.

As part of their mission ART 1307 has created connections with similar non-profit cultural associations based in different countries, including France and the United States, in order to organize exchanges of artworks and artists. Artists are invited to exhibit their work in an associated foreign country and to personally go to that country to live and work together with their local colleagues. Here in Italy, ART 1307 presents artists from many different countries to the Italian public and conversely, they export Italian art and artists abroad, introducing them to the foreign public.

Since their inception ART 1307 has realized an international exchange with France in which six Italian artists were presented to the French public by their correspondent cultural association,  La Maison des Arts of Carcès, in the south of France, in June-July 2008. ART 1307 went on to host several exhibits by up and coming American artists including: Robert Schaberl’s The Squaring of a Circle; Brad Howe’s Playing with Sculpture; and Joe Davidson’s Scotch™ Tape Affair.

In 2010, they organized the exchange program Latitude 34-40 with Los Angeles based cultural association LA Artcore. Presenting the work of Italian artists to the American public, LA Artcore hosted Latitude 34-40: First Act 

: in Los Angeles during the month of June. In November, Latitude 34-40: Second Act brought the work of American artists to the Italian public. The exchange show was a huge success on both sides of the globe.

ART 1307 is breaking down boundaries and promoting true connections – through art and between cultures, peoples and worlds, with the hope of thus creating a true, general consensus.


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