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The Naples ANM Bus System is managed by Azienda Napoletana Mobilità SPA (ANM), whose 2900 employees transported 170 million passengers in 2008. Its fleet of 973 vehicles includes 733 diesel buses, 10 mini electric buses, 21 mini hybrid buses, 52 trams, 87 filobuses (cabled buses), and 70 methane buses. ANM also manages five parking garages that are strategically located around the city. A Unico Napoli TIC Ticket, or an ANM ticket is required on all ANM buses except the Alibus Airport Shuttle which requires the purchase of a Unico Alibus Ticket.

The Naples ANM Bus System operates 151 different bus lines throughout the city and the immediate suburbs. In Ocotber 2010, ANM introduced a new service to its customers, dynamic information about bus arrival times via your mobile phone with ANM Infodrin System and via the internet with Infoclick. All bus routes are also published on the ANM Website but there a few key buses that are good to know about.

Transportation to/from the Airport

Alibus Airport Shuttle

The Naples Alibus Airport Shuttle is a cheap alternative to taking a taxi to/from Naples Capodichino Airport and the Central Train Station and Naples Molo Beverello Port at the city center and is more convenient than using the city buses.

C68 – Piazza Carlo III ↔ Via Fulco Ruffo di Calabria

The C68 runs from Piazza Carlo III to the traffic circle at the entrance to the Capodichino Airport.

C81 – Centro Direzionale ↔ Via Fulco Ruffo di Calabria

The C81 runs from Centro Direzionale to the traffic circle at the entrance to the Capodichino Airport.

Transportation between the Central Train Station and Molo Beverello Port

1 Tram – Via Cristoforo Colombo ↔ Poggioreale

Use the number 1 tram for transportation between the Molo Beverello Port and the Central Train Station at Piazza Garibaldi and beyond to the Poggioreale Market. Major stops are just outside the port on Via Cristoforo Colombo, the Circumvesuviana Sation on Corso Garibaldi, Piazza Garibaldi on Corso Garibaldi near the Statue, and Via Nuova Poggioreale near Via Marino di Caramanico for the Poggioreale Market.

R2 – Piazza Garibaldi ↔ Piazza Trieste e Trento

Use the R2 for transportation between the the Central Train Station at Piazza Garibaldi and Galleria Umberto at Piazza Trieste e Trento. If you stay on the bus at Galleria Umberto it will circle back around and stop in front of Castel Nouvo. From there it is a a quick walk to the Molo Beverello Port.

151  ↔ Piazza Garibaldi ↔ Piazza Vittoria

Use the 151 for transportation between the the Central Train Station at Piazza Garibaldi, Piazza Vittoria in Chiaia and  Piazzale Tecchio in Fuorigrotta. Coming from the Central Train Station, the bus stops in front of Castel Nuovo across the street from the ticket booths at Molo Beverello Port. Going to the Central Train Station, there is a bus stop in front of the ticket booths at the Molo Beverello Port. The bus stop at Piazza Vittoria is a short walk from the Naples Lungomare. The bus stop in Piazzale Tecchio is a short walk from the exhibition center, Ostra d’Oltremare.

Transportation around Centro Storico

C55 – Piazza Cavour ↔ Piazza Bovio ↔ Via Duomo 

Catch it at the Metro Line 2 stop at Piazza Cavour and at the Metro Line 1 stops at Museo and Piazza Bovio. Stops at the Gaetano Filangieri Civic MuseumGirolamini Monumental Complex , the Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro and the Naples Cathedral – Il Duomo on via Duomo.

Transportation to Mergellina, Posillipo and the Posillipo Market

140 – Piazza Municipio Piazza Vittoria ↔ Mergellina ↔ Capo Posillipo 

Stops at most major points of interest in Piazza Municipio, Piazza Trieste e Trento. the ferries at the Mergellina Port, and the Mergellina Train Station. It also stops at Piazza Vittoria, along Riviera di Chiaia and then takes Via Posillipo up to Capo Posillipo.  Get off at Capo Posillipo and walk up the hill to Parco Virgiliano a Posillipo and the Posillipo Market. You can catch the 140 at Galleria Umberto, Piazza Vittoria or anywhere along Riviera di Chiaia.

C21 – Capo Posillipo Piazza Sannazaro

The C21 goes from Mergellina to Posillipo along Via Petraca. The C21 stops in front of Parco Virgiliano a Posillipo and the Posillipo Market. You can catch it at Piazza Sannazaro or Mergellina.

Along Riviera di Chiaia

C18 – Piazza Vittoria ↔ Riviera di Chiaia ↔ Via Leopardi ↔ Largo Giustiniano

Stops at most major points of interest in Chiaia and Mergellina and goes on to Fuorigrotta. Get off on Via Leopardi for the Fuorigrotta market. You can catch it at Piazza Vittoria or anywhere along Riviera di Chiaia.


V1 – Piazzale San Martino ↔ Via Michelangelo

Catch it just outside the Cimarosa Funicolare or Montesanto Funicolare for transportation to Castel Sant’Elmo and the San Martino Charterhouse.


178 – Piazza G.B. Tafuri ↔ Piazza Museo ↔ Via Miano

Catch the 178 at Piazza Museo to go to the Capodimonte Museum.

Suburb Buses (non ANM Buses)

A4R – Naples – Afragola (CTP Bus)

You can use the A4R bus to go to Ikea. Catch it in front of the McDonalds at the Central Train Station in Piazza Garibaldi. The bus leaves once an hour on the hour from the Naples bus depot, arriving at Piazza Garibaldi at approximately 10 to 15 minutes past the hour. It arrives at Ikea in approximately 30 to 35 minutes. You must get off the bus at the stop in front of Leroy Merlin. Ring the bell for the bus to stop as soon as the bus takes a right on the street beteen Ikea and Leroy Merlin. Returning, catch the bus in front of the main exit of the store. The bus leaves the Afragola bus depot once an hour on the hour and arrives at Ikea approximately 10 to 15 minutes later. The bus stops in front of the statue at Piazza Garibaldi.

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Passionate about my adopted home, for me Naples is the perfect canvas. From its breathtaking vistas to its rich cultural heritage, I could live here a lifetime and never see it all, photograph it all, or write about it all.

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  1. Angela Sillett, May 22, 2014 4:10 pm - Naples ANM Bus System

    Please can you tell me what time buses leave from Naples centre (airport or station) to Benevento, travelling late morning on 10th June, returning mid aftenoon 14th June 2014.
    Thank you

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    Hi there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay.

    I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

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  3. pat, October 14, 2014 6:26 pm - Naples ANM Bus System

    hello Bonnie

    what is the cheapest way to travel to Bari-can’t find a train line?


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  4. Rodney, October 29, 2014 9:45 am - Naples ANM Bus System

    How do I get from the airport to Castel Volturno by bus?

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      Bonnie Alberts, October 29, 2014 5:38 pm - Naples ANM Bus System

      Hi Rodney – its not so easy to get to Castel Volturno from the airport by bus. The only way I know of is to take the Alibus to the Central Station, take Metro Line 2 from there to the Campi Felgrei station and then the CTP M1B bus from there to Castel Volturno.

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  5. maria gabriela, April 16, 2015 1:30 am - Naples ANM Bus System

    I will be arriving to Naples with Norwegian Cruise Line, I am trying to find the best way to navigate the city in a 8 hours window, at the same time, I do not have a big budget to spend in tour guides. could you help me on finding the best route to get to public transportation from the port and the transportation type I need to pick to visit the major tourist attractions. I also dont speak Italian :) thanks

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