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Caravaggio In Naples

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Caravaggio Martyrdom of Saint Ursula

Known for his love of prostitutes, young boys, and brawling, in 1606 Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio killed a young man in Rome and fled to Naples. The Colonna family gave him protection and in that year Caravaggio painted The Seven Acts of Mercy. A few months later, he left for Malta where he found wealthy patrons in the Knights of Malta, but he was soon

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The Art School

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It has taken me a long time to write this post. A very long time. It must have been two months ago, or more even, when I visited "this school." My research materials and brochures, tape recordings, photos, and recollections; they have all sat there, day in and day out, mocking me. Daring me to try to put into words that which I could never hope to express. Challenging me

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The Tin Sculpture Artist: Riccardo Dalisi

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Inside a run-down apartment building, tin pot puppets sprout from shelves, copper birds dangle from the ceiling and painted canvases line the walls. A cross between a tinsmith workshop and an academic’s experimental laboratory, this is Professor Riccardo Dalisi’s art studio, down a narrow cobblestone street in the Naples district of the Vomero. Dalisi introduces

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19th Century Gallery Opens at Naples Capodimonte Museum

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Set on the sun drenched southern facing side of the Capodimonte Palace. Overlooking the gardens, the courtyards, the city, and the sea. Enter the private spaces of the public faces of Naples royal forefathers. The antithesis of the palace's 1st floor Royal Apartment in its intimacy. Its human scale, a stark contrast to the wide open spaces of the museum's 2nd floor

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The Flagellation of Christ: A Portrait of a Violent Naples

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by Antonella Bianco Like a vanishing point, looking into the gallery on the second floor of the Capodimonte Museum, the work of Michelangelo Merisi, aka Caravaggio, reveals, like a prodigious optical instrument, the intricate themes and ideas of Naples in the 17th century. The Flagellation, commissioned by Tommaso De Franchis for a large sum of money, was at that

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The Mele Posters

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If you know any Italian at all, you probably know that mele is the Italian word for apple. But if you get the chance to visit one of Capodimonte's newest permanent collections, while some of the colour palettes might just conjure up visions of a Granny Smith, don't expect to see any posters of apples. The apples in question are brothers Emiddio and Alfonso, whose

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Christmas Cultural Exchange Will Light Up Naples Christmas Alley

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Naples Christmas Alley

Naples cultural association Corpo di Napoli and the Comune of Salerno announced last week that they have signed an agreement to host a parallel exhibit during the 2012 Christmas season. The  famous Luci d'Artista that in recent years has become a major tourist attraction in Salerno will light up Naples famed Christmas Alley, San Gregorio Armeno, while at the same

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The Toledo Metro Station

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The very first place we stayed when we moved to Naples was just off Via Toledo and very near to the new Toledo Metro Station. I remember very clearly our first days there. The warmth of the sunshine during the day. The cool evenings. And the long walks up, down and around the streets of our new home. Of course that was before we knew how to use the buses or the metro,

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Salvator Rosa Metro Art Station

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Greek and Roman ruins, Medieval castles, Gothic and Baroque churches, Bourbon palaces, and palazzi from every era of history, Naples has been described as an open air museum. To walk the streets of Napoli, is to take a journey through time. With such an enormous wealth of ancient monuments, it's no surprise that we confront Naples past at every turn. But it might

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Giotto in Naples

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“There was no uglier man in the city of Florence,” said Giorgio Vasari in his Lives of the Artists. He was writing about Giotto di Bondone, one of the greatest early Italian Renaissance painters. When anthropologists exhumed Giotto’s body in 2000, they found his bones saturated with arsenic and lead, chemicals usually associated with paint. They also found that

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