I received an invitation a few weeks ago to the vernissage of the exhibit “Messy Bedrooms: Windows of Time,” a series of works by Rebecca Harp, an American artist living and working here in Naples. I wasn’t able to make the opening, but I caught up with Rebecca last week to see her work and to find out more about what drew her to Naples and what inspires her work.

An artist and art teacher, Rebecca is a recent transplant to Naples. After meeting her (future) Neapolitan husband in Florence, they spent three years in Israel before settling here in Naples last September.

A Wisconsin native, Rebecca moved to Florence in 1998 to live, study, work, and find inspiration in the city that draws artists from all over the world.

Yet Rebecca’s journey was anything but stereotypical. Setting up her easel not in the streets or piazzas of the city nor in the Tuscan countryside, Rebecca turned her focus inward, to her bedroom. The same space Rebecca says, Italian painter Pietro Annigoni (1910 – 1988) once painted Queen Elizabeth II. Embarking on an inward journey in mind and space, Rebecca found her own artistic language and landscape in the light, colors and shapes surrounding her.

“Internal landscapes,” one could call these, in which the artist – while absorbed in intimate domestic scenes – does not find the walls of the home to be constricting, but instead as opportunities and suggestions of form, color, volume and the play of light for airy compositions. Victoriano Papa, 2012

A language that has found expression with each move Rebecca has made. Each new living space adding depth to her body of work.

What is fascinating about Rebecca’s paintings is that they are what she terms composite images. Painted over days, weeks, or months, a towel dropped here, a shirt left there form compositions in which the emphasis as Rebecca explains, is on the colors, temperatures and shapes versus the objects themselves.

Curated by the Sabinalbano Modart Gallery, there are still a few days left to see Rebecca’s exhibit, which runs through June 4th. Open today through Saturday 1000 – 1330 and 1630 -2000 and Monday 1630 -2000, the gallery is located below a shoe store in Naples Chiaia district, Vico del Vasto a Chiaia, 52.

A talented artist with a unique perspective, Rebecca has a number of new initiatives in the works and she will, I’m sure have many more exhibits in Naples. Rebecca’s work is also available for purchase through her website Rebecca Harp.

All images courtesy of Rebecca Harp.