Napoli now has the museum that was missing! The MAMT – Museo Mediterraneo dell’Arte, della Musica e delle Tradizioni (Mediterranean Museum of Art, Music and Traditions), a shared initiative of culture, dialogue and peace.

Its headquarters is that of the Fondazione Mediterraneo (Mediterranean Foundation) in Piazza Municipio, in a wing of the historic building of the former Grand Hotel de Londres.  It is a unique museum of its kind for the variety of sections and the strength of the artifacts, objects, videos and testimonies that exude history and life lived.  It is one of the main initiatives of the Mediterranean Foundation and is a project that comes from afar.  Proposed in December 1997 by 2248 participants of the Civil Euromed Forum in Naples, it is the result of collective action, which lasted over 15 years, implemented by the Foundation, in order to ensure in Naples, Campania and Italy that there is a place where it is possible to “live” the Mediterranean: an active space to create a dialogue between Art, Music, Traditions of the Mediterranean and contemporary society.

“Thinking European” and “Breathing Mediterranean”: the motto of MAMT that takes the visitor on a unique journey through the geography, history, culture, art, music, traditions, religions, politics, destiny… The common thread that prompted the Foundation to create MAMT is awareness – right now invaded by a crisis of values as well as an economic one – that the past of ancient traditions is the basis for the construction of a humanity of rationality, and relationships and that the huge size of the Mediterranean combines ingenuity, hard work and intelligence with the ability to share spaces and cultures.