Hi guys!

Are you enjoying these wonderful, sunny Neapolitan

days? I hope so! If not, the weekend is coming and

you will have time to to enjoy the first events of

this year’s edition of May of the Monuments

and much more.  Speaking of May of the Monuments,

here are my suggestions:  there will be guided

tours on May 4th at:  Monastero delle Trentatre,

Castel Capuano, Castel dell’Ovo, San Domenico

Maggiore, the Royal Palace and Decumani Cloisters.

Among the music and dance performances, I would

suggest “Storie di Fantasmi” at Castel Capuano or

the amazing concert “Il Bel Canto Italiano” with the Orchestra Discantus Ensemble at

San Giovanni Maggiore Church. These are just few of the innumerable events that are part

of the May of the Monuments  initiative.. please have a look at the Full Program to find

something that interests you!

Also this weekend, the City of Naples is very proud to host Giro D’Italia’s departure on

Saturday the 4th..so if you like sports don’t miss this opportunity!

On both Saturday and Sunday Real Orto Botanico will be hosting a wonderful “Green Event,”

Planta 2013:more than just gardens. And in my opinion, the best event this weekend is the

first of the Sunsent Concerts at Pausilypon Archaelogical Site, amazing music and a

suggestive location for a magical night (on May 4th and 5th at 18.00).

The sun is shining on my beautiful town..and I hope you love it as I do..so please enjoy it! 🙂