Ciao Guys!! 🙂

I’m back for the weekend events in Naples.

Campagna Amica Coldiretti Market

will be in different locations

on Saturday and Sunday.

If you are interested in

new technologies and innovations

in the agricultural sector,

Mostra d’ Oltremare will be hosting

the Agrosud Fair through Sunday the 3rd.

If you are an “Art addict” rembember the art exhibits

around town this week:

The National Archaeological Museum is hosting A.S.H. Ancient Super Heroes 

by Celesta Bufano, while the beautiful Castel Dell’Ovo is hosting Living in lift, a

contemporary art exhibit organized by the big leader in Schindler lift production;

if you want to know more art exhibits the list is on Napoli Unplugged. 

For music lovers, at San Carlo Theatre is still possible to see one of the masterpieces of

Giuseppe Verdi “Messa da Requiem” ; while on Sunday the Church Santa Caterina da Siena

will host the great Neapolitan violinist Carlo Dumont.

If you haven’t found anything interesting yet..have a look on Napoli Unplugged..

trust me there is ALWAYS something to do! 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!!