Spring time is finally back…

I can’t wait to enjoy my hometown

in a warm and sunny atmosphere… 🙂

And..since I want you to do the same…

here are my suggestions for this weekend..

As almost every weekend,

you can find your fresh food

at Campagna Amica Coldiretti Market

on Saturday and Sunday , and for the antiques lovers

there is the Naples Antiques Market at Lungomare.

Sprind doesn’t bring just sunny days, but also

“FAI Special Openings”…two days during which

700 sites all over Italy will be open to the public.

Art exhibits not to be missed at Pan  (Alan Charlton Personal Exhibit)

Castel Sant’ Elmo (Bellebbuono..Napoli)

and D’ Ayala Art Gallery (Humanlights by Daniele Rosselli).

Also there is a special tour on Sunday

“The Gold of Naples Live Tour”,

organized by Campania Movie Tour,

that will make you live Naples as it was

when Vittorio De Sica filmed his movie  L’oro di Napoli.

San Carlo Theatre will host the classic ballet Don Quijote,

while a re-visited Romeo and Juliet will be performed at Teatro Mercadante.

Have you found what suits your tastes??

If not..have a look at the Event Category of Napoli Unplugged.

Enjoy your weekend lovely people..”see” you soon.. 🙂