Hi Guys!!!

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I am very happy to announce that

finally it’s gonna be a wonderful

Sunny Weekend 🙂

Hope you are all as excited as me

and can’t wait to join

the events going on round town!


This time I want to start with a kind of

Full-immersion-into-Neapolitan-Culture Event:

“I speak Napulitano” food, movies, music and

Neapolitan Dialect lessons will be waiting for you

at Castel Nuovo..if you really want to get into my

hometown’s traditions and language..you can’t miss

this amazing opportunity!


As usual, Coldiretti Market will be

in different locations on Saturday and Sunday.


It is always time for interesting art exhibits:

first of all the Photo exhibit at Nea Art Galley that will bring you

to India of the 70’s by Fabio Donato;

Anime Senza at Fiorillo Art Gallery,

Apartament’s Botanic at PAN and Ghosts of Naples at Palazzo Reale.


Every weekend there will be also many music events,

two of them : Neffa in Molto Calmo Tour at Arenile

and Eduardo De Crescenzo Essence Tour at Nabilah Beach Club.


Don’t forget that Naples Theatre Festival started this week..and

I want to remind you the biggest event going on on June 12th

at Arenile : The Queen of Rock Patti Smith in Concert!!!


Time to say goodbye beautiful People..Until next week!! 😉