Hi Naples lovers :)…

I’m back again with your guide to the weekend in


…and the last few days of the week of love…

Did you enjoy your Valentine’s Day????

…if not yet

..Naples offers you some special events to celebrate

it in a different way

..have a look at Senti-Menti by Simonetta Funel

and if you love movies don’t miss the wonderful

guided tour In love with Movies

that will bring you through the best Naples locations

chosen as sets for many famous movies.

For the healthy food lovers Campagna Amica Coldiretti Markets will be on again

in different locations on Saturday and Sunday.

If you like “antiques” don’t miss the Naples Antiques Market on Lungomare.

Time for Classical Music at Villa Floridiana … while at San Carlo Theatre it will be performed

La Fuga in Maschera by Gaspare Spontini,

that was presented for the first and only time in Naples during the Carnival of 1800.

At Teatro Augusteo Enrico Maria Lamanna has decided to ideate a new kind of Musical

“Quartieri Spagnoli”  as a response to the American Musicals.


Wish you all a wonderful weekend..!!!

Stay Tuned with Napoli Unplugged.