Food Lover’s Odyssey

Napoli Unplugged Contributor Kathy Ayer shares her love for food and travel in Italy and France at Food Lover’s Odyssey. She’s been cooking and telling food stories since she was eight years old. Raised in an Italian-American kitchen and trained professionally in a French one in Paris. She’s been eating her way through the bel paese over the past 10 years, returning yearly to both France and Italy on food journeys. She works in Northern California as a personal chef and as a travel consultant, helping others create dream culinary journeys. Read about her tasty tales of food and travel in Italy and France at Food Lover’s Odyssey. Find her on Twitter @foodloverkathy

She fell in love with Naples on her first visit and keeps coming back. She can’t pinpoint one thing; it’s a combination of all things Napolitani. The people – embracing life and visitors with a passion as fervent as the traffic in the streets. The atmosphere – the beauty of the bay of Naples, an ancient city both decaying and enduring and full of history, and a chaos and frenzy the for her reflects the zest for life of the people. And, the food – one of the best in all of Italy – something for every taste; seafood, slow-cooked, succulent, sweet, simple, fussed-over, fried, and of course, pizza.

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