Ciao tutti! Nice to have you back again this week. 🙂

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Here are my suggestions for this weekend, and my gosh there are a lot of things going on!


Tonight, Thursday 29th January, ‘The Imitation Game‘ is being shown in ENGLISH at the Cinema Modernissimo, as part of their weekly series of movies in original language.

If you like foreign films, then ‘Die Vermessung der Welt‘, which is one of the CLA’s (Centro Linguistico di Ateneo) series of films in original language, is being shown on Tuesday 3rd February at the Cinema Academy Astra.

If you are an Italian speaker, then tonight there is the presentation, in Italian, of the book ‘Nostro Onore‘ by Marzia Sabella with Serena Uccello, at the Cartoleria F.lli Amodio.

Also at the Cartoleria F.lli Amodio, and also if you are an Italian speaker, on Friday 30th and Saturday 31st January there is an oil painting course.

As part of the ‘Festival Internazionale di Musica Antica’, on Saturday 31st, at the Church of San Rocco a Chiaia, 3 short films are being shown, ‘Ad Occhi Aperti‘, which explore the relationship between cinema and classical music.

The great thing about this weekend is that Sunday 1st February is #domenicaalmuseo, so all state run museums, archaeological sites etc. have free entry!

Also on Sunday, if you’re not heading to a museum, is the Givova Napoli vs. Fortitudo Agrigento basketball match, at the PalaBarbuto.

On Wednesday 4th February there is the monthly Naples International Happy Hour at Barril in Chiaia.  The happy hour is your chance to meet and network with new people from all over the world.


Starting tonight, Thursday 29th January, and running until Sunday 1st February, ‘Jesus Christ Superstar‘ comes to the Teatro Augusteo, and stars Ted Neeley, the ‘original’ Jesus from the famous 1973 film.

The next concert of the ‘Festival Internazionale di Musica Antica’ is on Friday 30th January.  ‘La Commedia dell’Arte‘ will be held at Palazzo Zevallos.

As part of the series ‘Concerts at the Bourbon Tunnel‘, on Saturday 31st January there is a concert, ‘Dalla canzone all’opera lirica‘, by mezzosoprano Gabriella Colecchio.

On Saturday 31st January and Sunday 1st February, at the San Carlo Theatre, Giuseppe Albanese will be performing with the Orchestra of the San Carlo Theatre.

Sunday 1st February sees the last concert of classical Neapolitan music as part of ‘Innamorarsi di Napoli‘, which aims to raise money to re-open to the public the gardens of the Villa Ebe.  The concert takes place at the Casa d’Arte.

Also on Sunday there is a concert as part of the series ‘Concerts at Villa Floridiana’, by Anna Lisa Bellini, followed by a guided tour of the Duca di Martina Ceramics Museum.


Unfortunately most of the markets seem to be starting again from February, so keep checking back.

Every Sunday at the Hippodrome Park of Agnano, there is an antique, craft and flea market.


Finishing on Saturday 31st January is the exhibition ‘Il bello o il vero‘ (The beauty of the truth) sculpture exhibition at Monumental Complex of San Domenico Maggiore.

Sunday 1st February sees the last day of the exhibition of ‘The Great Presepe of Trentino in Naples‘, at the Museum of the Naples Diocese.

Also ending in the next few days, on Monday 2nd February, at Castel dell’Ovo, is the ‘Eduardo, filosofo di Napoli‘ exhibition of paintings by Luciano Molino, all focussed on Eduardo de Filippo.

Don’t forget, every Sunday at 10.30 there is a mass in English at the Christ Church in Naples.

Of course there are more events currently on around Naples, details of which you can find on our events pages.

Enjoy whatever you do this weekend, stay dry, again, and come back next week for more fun things to do. 🙂