Well hello there!

I am STILL in sunny England! This week is a little lighter on events, but don’t worry, there are still some lovely things going on in Naples.

Film and theatre:

On Saturday 9th August at the Museum of the Chapel of Sansevero, watch a theatrical production telling the story of the Prince of Sansevero, the ‘Testament of Stone‘.  There are two performances and one is in English.

As part of the Ravello Festival 2014, on Monday 11th August there is a wonderful dawn concert.  Starting at 04.40, there will be music by Verdi, Musorgskij, Dvořák and de Falla.  As a warm up to the dawn concert, on Sunday evening (10th August), there will be a rehearsal of the dawn concert.

Continuing with the XV Festival del Cinema all’Aperto, on Friday 8th August is ‘Blue Jasmine’, Saturday 9th August is ‘The Butler’ and Sunday 10th August is ‘Dallas Buyers Club’.


Yesterday saw the start of a very exciting exhibition at the Monumental Complex of San Severo al Pendino, ‘The Change of Clothes of Vesuvius‘.  A photography exhibition of a series of photos, taken every day (sometimes more than once) over the course of a year of the “gentle giant” of Vesuvius.  The exhibition is free and runs until 28th August 2014.

Of course there are more events currently on around Naples, details of which you can find on our events pages.

Have fun and relax! 🙂