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The Four Days of Naples – September 27- 30, 1943 (Le Quattro Giornate di Napoli)

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Quattro Giornate

By Ann Pizzorusso By September 1, 1943,  Napoli had suffered 105 bombings resulting in over 25,000 dead, tens of thousands wounded and 100,000 apartments destroyed--further, Vesuvius had erupted and incomparable cultural and artistic patrimony had been obliterated. What was left of the city was decimated—smoldering ruins, no water, no food and a populace

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The Bourbon Dynasty

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The opulent Bourbon dynasty ruled Naples from 1734 to 1861, not only bringing political stability and the civic ideals of the Enlightenment, but turning what had become a dilapidated city after two centuries of Spanish rule into a modernized metropolis. In 1734, King Charles III of Spain from the house of Bourbon took over rule from the Austrians and was crowned King

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Procida: Good Friday

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The plaintiff wail of a lone trumpet greets the dawn of Good Friday on Procida.  It is followed by the slow, funereal drum beat signaling  the start of a sacred procession recalling the Passion and death of Jesus Christ.  Starting  at Torre Murata, it winds along the narrow streets until it reaches the port of Marina Grande. This holy procession is one which is

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Eleonora Fonseca Pimentel

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Executed by hanging on August 20, 1799 – her crime was writing pamphlets that denounced the Bourbon Queen Maria Carolina for lesbianism – Eleonora Fonseca Pimentel calmly stepped up to the gallows and quoted Virgil: “Perhaps one day this will be worth remembering.” Eleonora was born in Rome. Her father was Portuguese and moved the family to Naples when Eleonora

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Convento di San Bartolomeo

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World War II weighs heavily on the minds of Neapolitans even today. Whether they remember hiding in the Naples underground caverns or relate stories of their parents and grandparents eating only potato peels due to extreme shortages, vestiges of this stark moment in Italian history remain. In Campagna, a small town in the Province of Salerno, inhabitants played a

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From Partenope to Neapolis – the “New” Old City

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The Greek settlement of Partenope was just part of the broader colonization of Southern Italy by the Greeks during the 8th and 7th centuries BCE. Driven from their own lands by overcrowding and famine, the harshness of their own terrain, and the desire to create new trade routes, the Greeks set out in search of better shores. Heading east into the Ionian Sea and across

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Naples – The “Old” Old City

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Whether you've been here for a while, just arrived or are just passing through, you've probably discovered Centro Storico, Naples' Historic District, and know it as the oldest part of Naples. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Centro Storico bustles with modern day life amid a hodgepodge of historic structures that are a testament to Naples highly stratified history. In fact,

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