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The Four Days of Naples – September 27- 30, 1943 (Le Quattro Giornate di Napoli)

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Quattro Giornate

During Quattro Giornate di Napoli, Sept 27- 30, 1943, the Neapolitans rose up in in a spontaneous act of defiance, to rid themselves of their captors.

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The Bourbon Dynasty

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The most stunning mark King Charles VII left on the city was his building projects, which still impress visitors. The Teatro San Carlo turned Naples into an epicenter of musical genius.

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Procida: Good Friday

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The plaintiff wail of a lone trumpet greets the dawn of Good Friday on Procida. It is followed by the slow, funereal drum beat signaling the start of a sacred procession recalling the Passion and death of Jesus Christ.

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Eleonora Fonseca Pimentel

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Eleonora Fonseca Pimentel, an important figure in Bourbon Naples, the French Revolution, and the Parthenopean Republic.

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Convento di San Bartolomeo

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World War II weighs heavily on the minds of Neapolitans even today. Whether they remember hiding in the Naples underground caverns or relate stories of their parents and grandparents eating only potato peels due to extreme shortages, vestiges of this stark moment in Italian history remain. In Campagna, a small town in the Province of Salerno, […]

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From Partenope to Neapolis – the “New” Old City

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Free to continue their expansion, the Cumeans quickly established a new city just east of Partenope in 470 BCE. They called it Neapolis from the Greek “Nea” for new and “polis” for “city-state” or the New City.

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Naples – The “Old” Old City

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Ulysses withstood their seduction having been forewarned about the Sirens’ ploy by the witch Circe. Devastated by her failure to lure Ulysses, the Siren Parthenope leapt into the sea and drowned.

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