Hello everyone!  I hope you’re all well?

Don’t forget that Maggio dei Monumenti – May of the Monuments 2015 has started and will be getting into full swing this weekend.

On Friday 1st it’s a public holiday in Italy, but there is an extraordinary opening of the Vesuvian archaeological sitesPompeii, Herculaneum, Stabia etc.

This Sunday is also #domenicaalmuseo – the day when all state run museums, galleries, monuments etc. are FREE!

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Tonight, Thursday 30th April, ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron‘ is being shown in English, with Italian subtitles, at the Cinema Modernissimo, as part of their weekly series of movies in original language.

If you don’t fancy that, then on Tuesday 5th May, ‘The Invisible Woman‘ is being shown at the Cinema Academy Astra, as part of the CLA’s series of films in original language.

From Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd, the incredibly talented Lorenzo Dotti, who did some illustrations for the ‘Napoli Unplugged Guide to Naples‘, will be running a ‘Corso di acquerello naturalistico e “en plein air‘ (Natural watercolour course, in the open-air, in Italian), at the Botanical Gardens.

On Saturday 2nd there is the first event of ‘In the footsteps of the Grand Tour‘.  ‘The Campania of Flavours‘ tour are guided tours with dedicated transport in art places, villages and monuments combined with visits to producers to observe the production process, flavor workshops and tastings of typical products in order to discover and appreciate the Slow Food Presidia and products of excellence in Campania.  On Sunday 3rd it’s ‘The Campania of Wines‘, guided tours with dedicated transport to villages, castles, archaeological remains and museums combined with winery tours and wine tastings between art, history and traditions.  Also on Sunday 3rd, there is the first event for ‘Campania and Music‘, a series of events with guided tours to the notes of melodies that have enchanted and captivated the world, breaking down the barriers between classical and folk music.

There is a guided visit to Cuma, the acropolis and the lower city, run by GAN (Gruppo Archeologico Napoletano), on Sunday 3rd.

Every Sunday, enjoy ‘Sundays at the Solfatara‘, a walk around a natural oasis, at the Solfatara.

If you’re looking for some sport, then on Sunday 3rd there’s SSC Napoli vs. Milan at the San Paolo Stadium.

On Wednesday 6th there’s the monthly ‘Naples International Happy Hour‘ at Barril.  Meet new people and old friends from all over the world and brush up your English!!


Until tonight, Thursday 30th, you can see ‘Sono nata il ventitrè‘, with Teresa Mannino, at the Teatro Bellini.

On Friday 1st, as part of the Convivio Armonico 2015 series of concerts, there is the Neapolitan eighteenth century of the Baroque Ensemble Le Musiche da Camera, soloists Rosa Montano and Renata Cataldi, with concerti for flute, arias and sonatas, at the Nilo Museum Shop.

Every Friday night, at the Casa d’Arte, there is a date with Teatro nel Piatto, an exciting blend of cabaret, singing and theatre of the absurd, seasoned with touches of Mediterranean cuisine, orchestrated by Pasquale Della Monaco, to raise money to help restore and re-open the Villa Ebe and its gardens to the public.

From Friday 1st to Monday 4th, there is another of the shows in the series of theatre for children, ‘Teatro dei Piccoli’.  This week it is ‘Tempesta‘, at the Teatro dei Piccoli at the Mostra d’Oltremare.

From Friday 1st to Sunday 10th, Sal Da Vinci is in ‘Se Amore è‘ at the Teatro Augusteo.

On Saturday 2nd, you can see ‘La natura delle cose ama nascondersi‘, a dance show at the Teatro Bellini.

On Sunday 3rd, you can see ‘Corpo a tre ali‘, a dance show at the Piccolo Bellini at Teatro Bellini.


This weekend is the much anticipated weekend of Napoli COMICON 2015.  This year the event is bigger and better than ever again, with not only COMICON, but also Gamecon and CartononNA, at the Mostra d’Oltremare, from Thursday 30th to Sunday 3rd.

From Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd, there is the 3rd edition of ‘Plant, not just the garden…‘ a market/exhibition dedicated to wild and cultivated plants, botanical rarities, exotic and aromatic species, vegetables, seeds and bulbs, which has numerous events and workshops for adults and children, at the Botanical Gardens.

Every Sunday in the pedestrian area of Via Diaz, there is the Mercato del Contadino – a wonderful market of all the best local produce.

Every Sunday at the Hippodrome Park of Agnano, there is an antique, craft and flea market.

Every Sunday at the Fiera di Nocera Inferiore, there is the Salone Dell’Usato, a large, covered market, selling crafts, antiques, collectibles and modern antiques/art.


Yesterday, 29th April, the ‘La gente di Napoli‘ exhibition opened at PAN.  The exhibition is the climax of a social survey, based on the incredibly successful ‘Humans of New York’.

The ‘I canti della terra‘ exhibition, by Sebastiano De Laurentiis, also started yesterday, at Castel Nuovo.

On Friday 1st, the ‘Sturtevant Sturtevant‘ exhibition begins at the MADRE museum.


Finishing today, Thursday 30th, is ‘La Napoli di Bellavista‘ photography exhibition by Luciano De Crescenzo, at the Nilo Museum Shop.

Also finishing today is the Niele Toroni exhibition at the Alfonso Artiaco Gallery.

Don’t forget, every Sunday at 10.30 there is a mass in English at the Christ Church in Naples.

Of course there are more events currently on around Naples, details of which you can find on our events pages.

Enjoy whatever you get up to this weekend.  I am off to the motherland! (England!)

See you all again next week. 🙂