Hello everyone! How is everybody doing?

Sunday 4th October is #domenicaalmuseoFree museums for all!  All state run museums, galleries, monuments etc. are free to visit!

Here are my suggestions for a fun packed weekend. 🙂

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Tomorrow, Friday 2nd, in collaboration with ROCK!, there will be ‘ROCK’n’BEER‘ at PAN.  A journey of discovery of the History of Rock…in a sip of beer!

There are two incredibly exciting events this weekend – on Saturday 3rd there will be a horse parade through the centre of Naples, and on Sunday 4th there will be a ‘Joust of the Seats‘ at the Agnano Racecourse!  A traditional horseback joust with representatives from each historic “seat” in Naples.

Saturday 3rd October is PADI Dive Day at the Underwater Archeological Park of Baia.

The doors of the National Railway Museum re-open to the public on Sunday 4th, with special events and a special train ride from Napoli Centrale.

On Sunday 4th, GAN (Gruppo Archeologico Napoletano) have organised a ‘visit to Herculaneum: the art of the mosaics‘, meeting at the ticket office of the ruins of Herculaneum.

Every Sunday, enjoy ‘Sundays at the Solfatara‘, a walk around a natural oasis, at the Solfatara.

The monthly Naples International Happy Hour is back on Wednesday 7th at Barril.

The Napoli Film Festival 2015 started on Monday 28th September and runs until 8th October.

As part ofIn the footsteps of the Grand Tour, there are the following events: Every Sunday in October, for  ‘The Campania of Wines‘, there are guided tours with dedicated transport to villages, castles, archaeological remains and museums combined with winery tours and wine tastings between art, history and traditions;  Every Saturday from May to October, for ‘The Campania of Flavours‘, there are guided tours with dedicated transport in art places, villages and monuments combined with visits to producers to observe the production process, flavor workshops and tastings of typical products in order to discover and appreciate the Slow Food Presidia and products of excellence in Campania; Every Sunday in October and November, for ‘The Campania of Music‘, there are a series of events with guided tours to the notes of melodies that have enchanted and captivated the world, breaking down the barriers between classical and folk music. In melody, everything…


Sascha Ring is live tonight, 1st October, at the Teatro Bellini.

Lorenzo Fragola is in concert at the Palapartenope on Saturday 3rd.

The San Carlo Opera Festival 2015 started on 26th September, with ‘Don Pasquale‘, at the San Carlo Theatrerunning until 3rd October.


Every weekend there is the Campagna Amica Coldiretti Market at various locations in Naples and the surrounding area.

Every Sunday in the pedestrian area of Via Diaz, there is the Mercato del Contadino – a wonderful market of all the best local produce.

Every Sunday at the Hippodrome Park of Agnano, there is an antique, craft and flea market.

Every Sunday at the Fiera di Nocera Inferiore, there is the Salone Dell’Usato, a large, covered market, selling crafts, antiques, collectibles and modern antiques/art.


The ‘Cielo – 33 mystic paintings‘ exhibition by Caroline Peyron at the San Martino Charterhouse and Museum opens today, 1st October.

The ‘Mother’s Milk‘ exhibition by Isotta Bellomunno opens on Saturday 3rd at Castel dell’Ovo.


The “Sono qui, puoi sentirlo?” exhibition by Ina Otzko at Castel dell’Ovo finishes on Saturday 3rd October.

Don’t forget, every Sunday at 10.30 there is a mass in English at the Christ Church in Naples.

Of course there are more events and exhibitions currently on around Naples, details of which you can find on our events pages.

Have fun, whatever you get up to, and I’ll be back next week! 🙂