If not for one Prince Gaetano Filangieri (1824 – 1892), Prince of Satriano and Grandson of famed Neapolitan philosopher Gaetano Filangieri, the 15th century Florentine Renaissance Palazzo Como would have been lost when Via Duomo was widened (1882) during Naples’ Urban Renewal – the Risanamento di Napoli. Thanks to his generosity, the palazzo was saved, having been dismantled piece by piece, moved back 20 meters and re-erected in its current location. Inside, he filled it with an eclectic assortment of art and artefacts and presented it to the city (1888).

After several catastrophes and closures, including a fire during WWII that destroyed much of the museum’s holdings, the Filangieri Municipal Museum was re-opened in 2012. Today, its collection of over 3,000 objects includes a varied assortment of medieval weaponry, decorative arts and furniture, a library of 30,000 volumes dating from the 13th to 19th centuries, and paintings from Neapolitan Masters including Jusepe de Ribera, Francesco Solimena and Francesco Jerace.