Known as La Canzanella, Fuorigrotta Market serves the every day needs of the residents of the western end of the city. The product of an ambitious redevelopment project completed in 2007, Fuorigrotta’s decaying market was moved into a brand new complex complete with an immaculate covered building that houses 218 of the market’s 323 stalls and a covered parking area whose roof doubles as solar panels.

Fuorigrotta Market is clean, well organized and believe it or not, you will even find rest rooms here. But don’t let its pristine façade fool you. This market boasts some of the best prices, best products and best selection in the city. Along its three inside corridors you’ll find everything from seafood, meats, poultry, and produce to household items, cleaning products, clothes, shoes, and fabric. Outside you’ll find even more produce as well as clothes, shoes, jewelry and much more.