Until I moved to Napoli, the fall had always been my absolute favorite time of year. These days, it’s a tie between the summer, for all of the obvious reasons, and the winter, because I just absolutely love the moodiness of the city at that time of year. Many, if not most, of my favorite images were taken in the “dead” of winter. The fall, meanwhile, has been relegated to last place. It has also become the most difficult season of the year.

I know what you’re thinking. “You live in paradise!!!” Why yes, I do. And there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t pinch myself or thank my lucky stars. But of course, even Eve needed to mix things up a bit and took a bite of the forbidden fruit.

And yes, I know, the weather throughout the fall here is temperate and gorgeous – NO JACKET REQUIRED!!! This October was especially so. Endless day after endless day of sunshine and blue skies. Who could possibly complain?

I hate to say that I can. I mean really, how many more short sleeve days must I endure???

And it’s definitely not that I don’t love my Bella Napoli… OMG do I ever.

Something Erri De Luca said in a recent interview sums it up beautifully:

My senses were created in Naples. That place is my center; it’s the center of my nervous system. My nervous system was formed there, as well the education of my emotions.

At this time of year, the season of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas I feel some sense of longing, some sense of loss I can’t quite articulate. There is some multi-sensory deprivation that I’m powerless to quench: the sight of leaves turning fire engine red, burnt orange, purple and plum; the smell of hot chocolate, gingerbread and sweet desserts; the taste of hershey kisses, chocolate chip cookies and winter spices; the sounds, OMG the sounds, the endless barrage of commercials, jingles and Christmas music blaring at me from every conceivable device; the feel of warm clothes against my skin, brisk air against my cheek.

My senses and the education of my emotions were not formed here in Napoli but much closer to De Luca’s NY. The east coast falls are in my DNA and try as I may, try as I might, no matter how many years I have lived in Bella Napoli, I just can’t change that. Still,  I have  created new sensory memories here and now, I feel the same sense of loss on the other side of the pond in the summer and in the winter. And, whenever I stray too far, the city beckons me, the mountain draws me back like a magnet. In many ways, I feel as rooted here, more so even, than in the places of my youth.

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The Month Ahead

I am happy to report that Halloween was celebrated in the alleys of Chiaia and all around the city for that matter. The following day, November 1st, the city observed All Saints Day and today, November 2nd is Feast of All Souls. After that, the calendar is clear until December 8th, except of course for American Thanksgiving.

With the weather still so beautiful, there is no better time to get out and explore the many treasures of Naples: Ancient Ruins, Buildings Great and Small;  Museums & Galleries; Parks & Gardens and of course, there’s much, much more.

Naples theatre season is now in full swing. At the San Carlo, the Symphony Season and Ballet Season are in progress and the Opera Season will open with La Traviata on November 3rd. There will be another installment of the Words in Journey, this time with Spanish author Marcos Giralt Torrente.

For the Napoli Expat – the Naples Naples International Happy Hour is Wednesday the 4th of November, 19-22 at Barril in Chiaia and the AIWC Meeting is Saturday, 14 November. As usual, there are English language services at Christ Church Naples  every Sunday. There is also Cinema in Original Language at the Cinema Academy Astra (presented by  CLA – Centro Linguistico di Ateneo) and at Multicinema Modernissimo. Find all of Naples English Speaking events.

And in other news… There are a ton more events throughout the fall. Holly will be keeping us up to date on all of those and she will be sending out a weekly News & Events Newsletter. Please sign up here!!!

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Have a fun-filled fall and a Happy Thanksgiving to the Americani!!!