Frittura di Calamari, Fried Calamari or Fried Squid is as popular on the Neapolitan table as it is in American restaurants.

Served with a bit of salt and lemon, Frittura di Calamari is the perfect appetizer, a flavourful main, a quick and easy side dish, or some crunchy, salty goodness for your favourite salad.

And it is of course, one more fried delight you can add to your Neapolitan Fritti plate.

Fish sticks for grown-ups, people tend to shy away from making it at home. Yet nothing could be quicker, easier or more mouth watering to make. In fact, its so easy to make, I almost feel guilty posting this simple recipe.

A one person job, no real assistance is required, but big bro Massimo stopped in to fry up the Calamari, while Giuseppe whipped up another favoured Calamari recipe you’ll see here in the next few weeks.


500 grams cleaned squid cut into 1/3″ thick rings
Frying Oil

Calamari Fritti - Fried Squid
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Pour enough oil into a frying pan to cover the calamari
Heat the oil over high heat until it is very hot, just below the smoking point
Dredge or batter:
Dredge the calamari in flour and cook in batches until golden brown
Or for crunchier calamari
Add water to flour a bit at a time until you have a batter about the thickness of pancake batter
Coat the calamari in the batter and cook in batches until golden brown
Drain on paper towels and salt well
Serve with lemon wedges

Buon Appetito!