Earlier this week Mayor Luigi de Magistris invited the citizens of Naples to go fly a kite for Festa della Liberazione. And so they did.

Kites of all colors, shapes and sizes filled the sky above Lungomare, Naples seafront promenade along Via Caracciolo and Via Partenope, “symbols of freedom of imagination and joy.”

Part the “Lungomare Liberato” initiative that arose from the ZTL and pedestrian area put in place for America’s Cup Naples 2012, the Mayor is continuing his quest to free Naples Lungomare from cars and reclaim one of the most beautiful seafronts in the world.

Piazza Dante, Centro Storico and now Via Caracciolo. A lungomare pedestrianized, a lungomare liberated. For Neapolitans and tourists, peaceful promenades to walk, to bike, to rickshaw in tandem, but never again the car. Bringing out the best of our riches, of our culture, of our landscape. A common good of which every inhabitant of this city can and should be proud. Cultural and touristic initiatives but also entrepreneurial in a scenario unique in the world.

Scheduled to revert back to normal traffic patterns on April 25th, Comune di Napoli announced on April 24th that the ZTL would continue through May 31st and confirmed the permanent pedestrianization of Via Partenope and Via Caracciolo.

After the extraordinary success of the ZTL, the encouragement of many citizens that have experienced “lungomare liberato,” the seafront liberated from cars and taking into account the concerns and criticisms of restaurant and business owners in Chiaia, Partenope and Mergellina, we have decided to proceed with the extension while safeguarding the objectives, redrawing the boundaries of the ZTL and providing for the permanent pedestrianization of Lungomare. In this sense, we are establishing a positive and permanent dialog with the groups and associations involved to monitor the implementation of the measure and collect applications and proposals for improvement. Councilor for Infrastructure and Mobility Anna Donati

The extension until the end of May will serve as a time to discuss and approve the final order for the ZTL as required by law and to create a resolution that will best represent the needs of all involved.

The provisions include:

  • The pedestrianization of Via Caracciolo and Via Partenope
  • Redrawing some of the boundaries of the current ZTL
  • A ZTL that will be in force daily from 0700 – 1800
  • Installation of a parking area on Viale Dohrn that will be operated by Napolipark
  • Installation of computerized gates for vehicle access control
  • Increased ANM Bus service on the lines that serve the area of ​​ZTL
  • Extending the operating hours of the Chiaia Funicolare during Maggio dei Monumenti 2012, April 26th to June 3rd
  • Continued enhancement of taxi service at the taxi ranks at Piazzale Tecchio, Piazza Vittoria, Via Caracciolo (hydrofoils), the National Archaeology Museum, and Parcheggio Brin

Meanwhile, the Mayor is asking for suggestions from citizens and business owners to help guide future initiatives.

With this initiative we are asking citizens and entrepreneurs to submit ideas, suggestions, and proposals which will help us to design a livable waterfront that meets both human needs and business initiatives and that encourages the revitalization of the entire commercial area. Mobility, public transportation, cultural and tourist initiatives, urban initiatives, enhancement of the green space and maritime resources, sponsorship of events, and environmental friendly initiatives such as electric bikes and segways.

Additionally, the Mayor has created a new website, LungomareLiberato which is promoting this initiative by displaying residents photos of the liberated waterfront sent in via Twitter.

  • Use hash tag #LungoMareLiberato for images around the theme of a liberated Via Caracciolo
  • Use hash tag #QuiDoveIlMareLuccica for images around the theme of sailing and the sea

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