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Neapolitan Cinema: An interview with Film Historian, Massimiliano Gaudiosi

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Birthplace of Totò, Peppino and Eduardo Fillippo, Massimo Troisi, and Tony Servillo from La Grande Belleza, Naples has long produced some of Italy’s most celebrated actors, writers and directors. While it is hard to choose the best films set in Naples, I caught up with Massimiliano Gaudiosi to know more about Neapolitan films. Gaudiosi graduated in […]

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The Art School

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To say I was inspired would be like saying landing on the moon for the first time was just another day at the office. I was moved beyond words.

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The Glove Maker: Mauro Squillace

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Mauro The Glove Maker

What’s the secret to Mauro’s success? Every one of his gloves are handmade by expert craftsmen. His employees still use the non-electric Singer sewing machines from the early 1900′s, they cut the leather by hand, and use natural light to distinguish color shades.

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The Tin Sculpture Artist: Riccardo Dalisi

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Dalisi introduces himself with a jovial smile and immediately offers to give a tour of his artwork. “They’re doing the tango,” he chuckles, holding up two tin pots with pointy noses, hats and arms soldered together.

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Alfredo Imparato – Keeping the Music Alive

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Standing in front of me that early afternoon was one of Naples last remaining posteggiatori, or public singers, the remnant of a Neapolitan tradition going back several hundred years. He’s Alfredo Imparato and when he isn’t working as a custodian in a middle school in Posillipo, he’s on the streets of the city.

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Behind the Music with Stefania Rinaldi

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Just two years later, Maestra Stefania Rinaldi returned to the San Carlo taking her place in front of another group of talented musicians. One of the founders of the theater’s Children’s Choir, the Coro di Voci Bianche del Teatro di San Carlo, Stefania has been its faithful director since its inception in 2004.

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A Visit with Luigi Mazzella

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Walking into a dimly lit anteroom, I found myself surrounded by an extraordinary body of work created by a man who has dedicated his entire life to his craft.

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