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Neapolitan Cinema: An interview with Film Historian, Massimiliano Gaudiosi

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Birthplace of Totò, Peppino and Eduardo Fillippo, Massimo Troisi, and Tony Servillo from La Grande Belleza, Naples has long produced some of Italy's most celebrated actors, writers and directors. While it is hard to choose the best films set in Naples, I caught up with Massimiliano Gaudiosi to know more about Neapolitan films. Gaudiosi graduated in Film Studies from

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The Art School

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It has taken me a long time to write this post. A very long time. It must have been two months ago, or more even, when I visited "this school." My research materials and brochures, tape recordings, photos, and recollections; they have all sat there, day in and day out, mocking me. Daring me to try to put into words that which I could never hope to express. Challenging me

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The Glove Maker: Mauro Squillace

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Mauro The Glove Maker

On the top floor of an 18th century palazzo, Mauro Squillace runs the internationally renowned glove business, Omega srl Guanti. Fifty years ago, small glove shops filled the Sanità district in downtown Naples, but organised crime and large manufacturers from China and the Philippines drove most of them out of business. Mauro, on the other hand, took over his family

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The Tin Sculpture Artist: Riccardo Dalisi

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Inside a run-down apartment building, tin pot puppets sprout from shelves, copper birds dangle from the ceiling and painted canvases line the walls. A cross between a tinsmith workshop and an academic’s experimental laboratory, this is Professor Riccardo Dalisi’s art studio, down a narrow cobblestone street in the Naples district of the Vomero. Dalisi introduces

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Alfredo Imparato – Keeping the Music Alive

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by Kathy Sherak I've spent several different years of my life living, studying, working, and traveling widely in Italy. For no apparent reason, I had never explored Naples. Happily, that grand oversight was erased a year ago when my husband and I went back to Italy after a long hiatus and in the middle of our nostalgia tour, were offered the ultimate golden opportunity

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Behind the Music with Stefania Rinaldi

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In 2002 a young woman stepped up to the podium of the oldest and one of the most beautiful Opera Houses in Europe, the San Carlo Theater. Certainly, a hushed silence must have washed over the crowd as they waited for her arm to raise, the music to begin. Surely, it must have been so quiet one could hear a pin drop as a Neapolitan woman took center stage in the universally

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A Visit with Luigi Mazzella

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Americas Cup may be over, but there are still more stories to tell. I suspect there will be for a long time to come yet. Some stories have been yelling out from the rafters. Others have been mere whispers. Some, may never be told. As I was being pulled in 20 different directions with events to attend, pictures to take, news to keep up with, and posts to write I was

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